See your cat on the big screen!

The First (and Probably Last) Annual Feline Film and Video Festival for Humans is seeking YOUR ORIGINAL CAT VIDEOS for exhibition at your local edition of the festival.

If you’ve ever wanted to see your cat on the big screen, now is your chance! We accept videos of ALL kinds of cats, including but not limited to the fuzzy, hungry, lazy, sleeping, eating, purring, shitting, yowling, whining, crying, bitching, loving felines we all know and feel ambivalent about. Check out the FAQ below and submit!

Or, if you just like to watch, get tickets here!

What kind of video can I submit?

You can submit any original cat video that features a cat that you know. Interpret as you will. Obviously, don’t hurt cats, you monster.

How long should my video be?

Try and keep it under 3 minutes. This is entertainment, not an endurance test.

Can I submit this funny Youtube video I found?

No. This is a call for entries for original material only. If you are submitting a video, you must be the creator of that video.

How much does it cost to submit my video?

Nothing! It’s free to submit. Though if we end up accepting your video (which we probably will), we unfortunately can’t offer any compensation or free tickets to the show. We wish we could, but, touring film festivals cost money :(

What are the technical requirements for my submission?

We only accept Quicktime files and Youtube or Vimeo links (to your original content only). We recommend using a file transfer site like Hightail or WeTransfer. The higher the resolution, the better, up to 1080p, but no videos will be turned away for being low resolution.

What's the fine print?

By submitting your original video, you grant The First Annual the right to exhibit your work in public at The First Annual Feline Film and Video Festival for Humans or at any future date. You acknowledge that you created the video or are submitting the video on behalf of the creator with their permission. There is no compensation related to the screening of your piece, and submission and/or inclusion in the program does not guarantee complimentary tickets to any screening(s) or subsequent programs. The First Annual reserves the right to edit your piece together with other submitted videos, which may include (but is not limited to) changes in length and soundtrack. The First Annual will not edit or change any pre-edited submissions, and will do everything possible to maintain the artistic integrity of all captured raw footage in the compilation process. You own your video! We just want to show the world your cat.